Not a haul post, this time! I am making an effort to post on a less infrequent basis, so today I’ll be sharing swatches of all the lip liners I own from NYX Cosmetics and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

Quite a few years ago, I took advantage when Sephora stopped carrying OCC products and put all their stock on sale. I scored a set of six lip & eye liners at a pretty discounted price, and in the time since then I’ve added a seventh pencil to the collection.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

From left to right, and bottom to top:

  • Feathered (white)
  • Pool Boy (sky blue)
  • Hoochie (pink-purple)
  • Lydia (purplish dark mauve)
  • Black Dahlia (blackened burgundy)
  • NSFW (true red)
  • Tarred (black)

IMG_9495 copywIMG_9499 copywIMG_9502 copywIMG_9504 copywIMG_9505 copyw

They’re all super pigmented and creamy, but some pencils clumped up a bit while swatching, which you can see here in Hoochie and Lydia. This is partially due to the sheer creaminess of them, and with blotting shouldn’t be a problem, unless your lips are super dry and not exfoliated. But then you’d have problems no matter what product you’re using!

All of OCC’s pencils are marketed for use on the eyes, lips, or anywhere else, except for a few shades which are not recommended for use around the eyes. Among my collection, the NSFE (Not Safe For Eyes) pencils include NSFW, Lydia, Black Dahlia, and Hoochie.

My favorite shades are Tarred and NSFW, which you can see from the rate at which they’ve been sharpened more than the others. I’ve used Tarred to line my lips for black and near-black lip colors, and NSFW is a true blue red which I use with lipsticks like MAC Ruby Woo.

NYX Cosmetics

From left to right, and bottom to top:

  • SPL 854 Pale Pink (greyish pink)
  • SMLL 02 Life’s A Beach (coral)
  • SMLL 15 Run The World (purple)
  • SMLL 17 Jet Set (dark blue)
  • SMLL 19 Subversive Socialite (blackened plum)
  • SMLL 20 Oh Put It On (blackened eggplant purple)

IMG_9489 copywIMG_9494 copywIMG_9492 copyw

These pencils are also quite pigmented and creamy, but a bit patchier and greasier than the OCC ones. I haven’t had these as long or used them as much, so I don’t have as established an opinion on them, but in general I like them except for the nude shade which just doesn’t suit me very well.

Thanks for reading!
What are your favorite lip pencils?
Have you hunted down the perfect pencil to line a hard-to-match shade of lipstick?


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