[HAUL] Lit Cosmetics + Thank you!

Before I get started, I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been using my referral code with Cosmetic Love!! I have received several notifications that my code has been redeemed and I am so grateful that you have enjoyed my reviews enough to use my referral.

If you purchased from Cosmetic Love please leave a comment and let me know what you ordered!! I’d love to share your excitement and talk about the products you’re anticipating 🙂

And now onto the main subject of this post! GLITTER.

My makeup collection is, at this point, comically large for someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist. AND YET, somehow, I have not really dipped my toe into the world of glitter except for two experimental sifters of NYX Cosmetics glitter that I’ve barely used in the past year.

But recently, I heard about the company Lit Cosmetics through a friend who had purchased from them. My friend looks so good in glitter but only recently did I start becoming interested in trying it myself! This is also thanks to some inspiration from people I follow on instagram and youtube who post bright and glittery looks.

Ms Undead Rainbow (vid1 vid2)
Jordan Hanz

To my delight, I discovered that Lit Cosmetics is a Canadian company which means I paid in my own currency and didn’t have to deal with shipping delays at the border! (Just the usual Canada Post delays, lol.)

While making my product selections, I looked up blogs and social media accounts to see swatches of the colors I was considering, and found a blog that offered a 20% off code – which, I discovered, still worked!

And now, without any further delay, THE HAUL!

IMG_9387 copywIMG_9388 copywIMG_9389 copywIMG_9391 copyw

IMG_9396 copyw

Click the READMORE to see pictures of each shade! You can jump to the bottom of the post to see a few gifs of the glitter in action!

IMG_9394 copyw

I ordered two lip kits, which include a full-size glitter, a small applicator brush, a small cleaning wand to scrape glitter off anywhere it shouldn’t be, and a 4ml bottle of Lit Cosmetics’ glitter base. In each kit I chose a different base – one of their standard base recommended for daily wear on, presumably, the eyelids, as well as a bottle of the almond-based “forever wear” formula meant for use on the lips, brows, and body, which requires an oil-based cleanser to remove afterwards.

Lit Cosmetics glitter comes in four sizes, from #1 being the smallest to #4 being the largest. It took me a while to figure out what this range means, but as far as I can tell larger sized glitter reflects more light and shows more of the colors within the glitter, while smaller cuts look more like shimmery eyeshadow. Different sized glitter of the same shade will reflect light differently and thus show the colors differently.

First up, the two glitters I ordered in the #4 large cut: Northern Lights and X-Ray. These are both clear glitters, reflecting colors differently. Northern Lights leans more purple and X-Ray leans more blue.

IMG_9397 copywIMG_9398 copyw

Northern Lights

IMG_9399 copywIMG_9401 copyw


IMG_9402 copywIMG_9403 copywIMG_9404 copyw

The rest of the shades I chose are in size #3, which seems to be the regular/standard size. You get good light reflection but they’re not too chunky.

The two blue-ish shades I chose are Peacock, a truly peacocky blue-green shift, and Hawaii 5-0, a pale blurple with green-gold flecks.

IMG_9405 copywIMG_9406 copywIMG_9407 copyw


IMG_9408 copywIMG_9409 copywIMG_9411 copyw

Hawaii 5-0

IMG_9412 copywIMG_9413 copywIMG_9414 copywIMG_9415 copyw

The next pair are orangey-reddish-pinky shades: Solar Blast, a UV-reactive neon orange that glows under blacklight and shows a pinkish gold shift in regular light, and California Soul, a darker reddish coral with yellow gold flecks.

IMG_9416 copywIMG_9417 copyw

Solar Blast

IMG_9418 copywIMG_9419 copywIMG_9420 copyw

California Soul

IMG_9421 copywIMG_9422 copywIMG_9423 copyw

Next up are two more UV-reactive neon shades, Green Machine and Pretty Hot Pink!

IMG_9424 copywIMG_9425 copywIMG_9426 copyw

Green Machine

IMG_9427 copywIMG_9428 copywIMG_9429 copyw

Pretty Hot Pink

IMG_9430 copywIMG_9431 copywIMG_9432 copywIMG_9433 copyw

And finally, as a special bonus, the two freebie shades I received! When I placed my order, Lit Cosmetics was offering a free full-sized glitter in the shade Spring Fling, which is a mossy grey-green with yellow and purple flecks. I was not expecting the second free shade, though, which I discovered when unboxing my package. Porcelain is a very neutral silver-gold glitter, very much what you think of when you think glitter, and far from the bright and bold shades I chose to purchase. But I think I will get a lot of use out of this one, because it’s so neutral and versatile. I can use it to put a little extra pizzazz in everyday looks or in more formal or special occasions.

I haven’t properly swatched these glitters yet, but last night I couldn’t resist and smeared some NYX Glitter Primer on my arm and tapped out a bit of each color just to see. I WAS MESMERIZED.

2017-07-14 01.56.05

2017-07-14 01.56.25

Finally, I’d like to talk a little about another reason I chose Lit Cosmetics when buying my first real glitters. Before committing to an order, I read about their product safety on their website, since I have very sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses. I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t turn out to be too uncomfortable for me to wear near my eyes. Lit Cosmetics glitter is all round cut, which means no sharp edges. Of course, any foreign material that gets into an eye will irritate it, but I have more confidence in the fact that it would merely be an irritation rather than a danger. Additionally, the glitter base is also eye safe and not harmful if accidentally ingested. And lastly, Lit Cosmetics offer assurance that their products are vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free, which is very good to know and makes me happy to support the company.

Thank you for reading!

If you love glitter too, I’d love to know what kinds you use, and what pictures inspire your glittery makeup creations!

Please stay tuned for another post with swatches and hopefully pictures of the glitter used in a look.


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