[REVIEW] Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector (Mint, Lavender, Pink)

Today I will be reviewing three of the four Any Cushion Color Correctors from Etude House! Honestly, now I kind of regret not ordering the fourth shade (Illuminate) but I thought at the time that I wouldn’t need it since I have similar products already. But now my collector’s completionist urge is complaining!

I’ve had these products for a couple weeks now, and since I received them I think I’ve used at least one of them every day that I put on makeup! I’m honestly so delighted with them.

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What are they?

The Etude House Any Cushion Color Correctors are color-correcting and tone-up base makeup, to be applied before foundation/BB cream, but I’ve found that I can use the Pink cushion by itself even though it leaves a bit of a pale cast to my skin. It’s noticeable but not too jarring since I’m naturally quite pale. All the cushions in this series are SPF34, and I’m not sure why the number is not rounded like SPF products usually are, but I suspect that it’s not enough protection by itself. I’m rather lazy when it comes to sunscreen, but I’ve ordered a Missha one that’s supposed to work well under makeup so maybe I’ll change my lazy ways!

IMG_9111 copywatermarked

IMG_9113 copywatermarkedIMG_9116 copywatermarkedIMG_9114 copywatermarkedIMG_9115 copywatermarked

What do they do?

The Mint cushion is made to counteract redness, the Lavender cushion counteracts yellowness/dullness, and the Pink cushion brightens & evens the skin especially in areas like under-eye dark circles – which are a particular concern of mine!

How do they compare to other color correctors?

Compared to other green color correctors, I think I like this the best. I also own the Unpretty Rapstar x SSIN STEALER green color-correcting stick, the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand, and the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal which are all quite pigmented. The NYX and LA Girl ones don’t blend out very well on my skin and stain whatever beauty sponge I’ve used to apply them so that I have to wash it before using it again. When I use those color correctors I always have to apply a thick layer of foundation on top to make sure my skin looks even. In comparison, the Etude House mint Any Cushion is very light and because it’s a cushion formula it comes with a dedicated applicator puff and blends very evenly onto the skin. I haven’t had any very strong redness since I started using it, but if that happens I will see whether it is enough or whether I’ll need to go back to the stronger green color correctors.


I only own one other lavender color corrector, Sephora Collection’s Bright Future Color Corrector. It also provides fairly light coverage but with more precision application because it comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. I’d use the cushion for overall brightening and to cancel out large patches of yellowness, but the Sephora one for small areas and corners like around my eyes or lips.


IMG_9122 copywatermarked
Bare hand
IMG_9124 copywatermarked
Hand with Lavender cushion applied
IMG_9127 copywatermarked
Bare hand
IMG_9126 copywatermarked
Hand with Lavender cushion applied


And finally, the Pink cushion, which targets purple/blue areas and provides general brightening. If I don’t have any particular color-correction concerns one day, I might just use this one before foundation/BB cream or by itself. Like I said above, it does leave my face looking a bit paler than normal, but since I am generally quite pale and usually do high contrast makeup it tends to look fine on me.

IMG_9127 copywatermarked
Bare hand
IMG_9128 copywatermarked
Hand with Pink cushion applied


I don’t have anything quite like this cushion! I have Unpretty Rapster x SSIN STEALER‘s pink color correcting stick, Benefit’s Erase Paste in the shade 02 Medium which is a salmon color-correcting concealer for the under-eye area, and the Holika Holika Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Tone-Up Cushion, but it’s a white tone-up primer cushion and has a higher SPF protection than the Any Cushion. The Pink Any Cushion is a great multi-tasker, as I can comfortably apply it to my whole face evenly and trust it to counteract blue/purple areas.

How do I use them?

I tend to apply a primer before using these cushions, to increase the longevity, reduce oiliness, and hide my pores, but I think they would also do fine without.

All of these cushions do a pretty good job of hiding my big pores, which I love, except if I haven’t properly cleansed & removed the sebaceous filaments, which then get emphasized instead.

I have the unfortunate habit of applying face makeup before eye makeup, because I find it hard to apply it around my eyes after doing my eye liner and shadow – and then I get weird reverse raccoon eyes where I just have oddly bare skin around my eye makeup. But that lands me in trouble because I always touch my face when I’m applying eye makeup, which usually results in smudging my face makeup and I have to do touchups afterwards, and with some products that much layering makes me look cakey when I prefer light coverage. This is not really a problem with the Any Cushions!!

First of all, if I wait for it to settle, this product does not smudge much if I touch it afterwards. Second of all, it is very touch-up friendly!! I can tap the applicator lightly around a smudged area and it looks good as new. Finally, when I’m applying my eye makeup, I can put the applicator puff between my hands and my face, which prevents my fingertips from smudging anything at all. This is great especially since I use the Pink and Lavender very close to my eyes, so I can’t just wait til after I apply my eyeshadow to cover up my dark circles with the Pink cushion for example. And as you might guess, I can carry the cushion compact with me throughout the day for touch-ups as necessary.

The finish on all of these is slightly dewy, so if I want a more matte finish I’ll set it with a powder. Lately I’ve been using the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder for this, because it comes in a small sifter jar with a puff and I can carry that in my makeup bag for occasional touch-ups as well – important for me, as my combination skin tends towards oiliness in the summer!

Price point?

I ordered these from Cosmetic Love during a discount promotion (I can’t remember if it was 15% or 20% off), so they cost USD $13.00 each. Very reasonable in my opinion! In Korea they go for 18,000 KRW, which is roughly equivalent to USD $15.00.

By comparison:

  • Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector: USD $14.00 / CAD $18.00
  • Unpretty Rapstar x SSIN STEALER color correcting sticks (each): KRW 9,900 (~USD $9.00 / CAD $12.00)
  • NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand: USD $5.00 / CAD $8.00
  • LA Girl HD Pro Conceal: USD $5.00
  • Benefit Erase Paste: USD $20.00 / CAD $27.00
  • Holika Holika Lazy & Egg (Gudetama) Face2Change Photo Ready Tone-Up Cushion KRW 13,900 (~USD $12.00 / CAD $16.00)

TL;DR! In conclusion:

  • Excellent for light color correction; how it fares for heavy color correction remains to be seen
  • SPF34, good but probably not enough
  • Hides pores, emphasizes sebaceous filaments
  • Works well over primer, but doesn’t need it
  • Dewy finish
  • Hard to smudge once set
  • Good for touch-ups and layers well
  • Gives a slightly pale cast to the skin, which might not be flattering on medium and darker skin tones, so would require application of a skintone-matching foundation or BB cream over it
  • Very affordable!

Thank you for reading!

Do you have any of these products?
What are your favorite color correctors?


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