SWATCHES: Suva Beauty UV Hydraliners

I’ve had my eye on Suva Beauty products for a little while now, mostly thanks to the fascinating creations I’ve seen on Instagram. A couple months ago I heard that these products were being sold in the American Forever 21 stores, but unfortunately, even though Suva Beauty is founded by Canadian beauty guru Shaina Azad, the Forever 21 stores here in Canada have not yet begun to stock their products. As a Canadian, the online cosmetics retailers I order from are nearly always international, and with that comes the extra fees of currency conversion and shipping – not to mention waiting forever for the package to arrive, unless one (not I!) can afford to pay an arm and a leg for expedited shipping.

But to my delight, I discovered that Suva Beauty actually have a dedicated Canadian website, with prices in Canadian dollars, for domestic customers. So I took advantage of their recent Mother’s Day sale to get my hands on four of their famous Hydra Liners, choosing all UV-reactive colours that glow under blacklight, since I had nothing like that in my collection yet.

The upper row features Scrunchie (neon pink) on the left and Acid Trip (neon orange) on the right.
The lower row features Fanny Pack (neon green) on the left and Dance Party (neon yellow) on the right.

Read more for my initial thoughts!

Since Suva Beauty’s Canadian HQ is based in British Columbia, it only took nine days (seven business days) for my order to reach me here on the east coast! Compared to my usual 2-4-week wait times for orders shipped from the US or Korea, this was delightfully quick.

According to the product description, these products are water activated, which means they are solid in the container and require a wet brush or water dripped directly onto the product in order to apply them. I played around using various amounts of water to see how it affected application, and it seems that less water means the colour will be more concentrated but harder to apply, and more water means a less concentrated but smoother application.

From top to bottom: Scrunchie, Acid Trip, Dance Party, Fanny Pack

These first swatches I did on my arm looked and felt fantastic. I was able to pass the brush multiple times to build color and draw a thick swatch with a much thinner brush, and the product dried pretty quickly, becoming smudge-proof.

As the product is water activated, it is also water soluble, so the website recommends using a waterproof setting spray to seal the product in order to avoid smearing from sweat or contact with water. Without setting it, I used a wet washcloth to easily clean the swatches off my arm. There was no staining.

Unfortunately, my next attempt at using the Hydra Liners as part of a full look did not go very well. I can’t tell if they did not interact well with powder eyeshadow or if I used the wrong amount of water to activate the Hydra Liners, but when I tried to use these as eyeliner over some shadows from the Urban Decay Electric Palette my lines ended up a bit chunky and cracked easily. However, I am not giving up on finding the best way to apply them properly, and I do not believe it is a fault of the product itself; I’ve seen some gorgeous creations using the Hydra Liners by makeup artists on Instagram.

Actually, @glitterycthulu recommended I use Inglot Cosmetics’ Duraline to activate the product instead of water, which sounds like a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to try it. I already own a bottle of Duraline which works amazingly to re-hydrate drying gel products like eyeliner and eyebrow pomade, and also to turn powder eyeshadow into a paintable product that seals when dry.

My only concern about this product is the packaging itself. I have some old cream colours from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics that came in almost identical packaging, and I’m not sure if it was the way the plastic aged or the wear and tear of unscrewing and screwing shut the jar only a few times, but the plastic has cracked on one OCC jar and broken on another. I’ve had to use duct tape to keep the broken lid (relatively) sealed shut. I don’t know if this is likely to happen with Suva Beauty’s plastic screw-jars but I will do my best to avoid it!

IMG_9052 copy watermarked

Please stay tuned for more pictures as I use these gorgeous colours in future makeup looks!


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