Skincare Diary // 2017.05.03

Oh dear. My poor skin.

On Wednesday, I tried to aggressively deal with the blackheads clogging up my massive pores and ended up scrubbing my nose and cheeks so raw any makeup I applied afterwards to that area stung my skin. My bad for doing such an intense cleansing early in the day instead of at night….

love Holika Holika’s line of “pig nose” products aimed at reducing blackheads, sebum, and pore size. I’ve been using those products for years with positive results. My problem was combining them with the SkinFood Egg White Pore Foam, which I scrubbed into my nose using a thick-bristled brush from Nature Republic, and finishing it off with SkinFood’s very astringent Cooling Toner. I have used all those products in the past with success but the SkinFood ones are really heavy duty especially on my sensitive skin and I think I really overdid it with the little scrub brush. It was probably not a good idea to use two different exfoliants on my nose, but I was really irritated with the buildup of sebum and persistent blackheads.

Afterwards, I treated my whole face with my usual Innisfree The Minimum Toner and Super Aqua Max moisturizer cream, and used the Nature Republic aloe eye gel under my eyes for extra care.


3 thoughts on “Skincare Diary // 2017.05.03

  1. Oh, careful with over-exfoliation as it can do more harm than good for your skin. But anyways, you have a great selection of skincare products. How do you like the NR Super Aqua moisturizer? Been wanting to try that for ages. 💕


    • Yeah, I definitely over-exfoliated 😦 Normally I am quite careful but I was just so fed up with my blackheads I overdid it.
      I LOVE the NR Super Aqua moisturizer!! I have the combination one because I deal with both oiliness and dryness. I’ve repurchased it twice – definitely my HG moisturizing cream. It smells lovely and a little goes a long way and it always absorbs into my skin really well. I can use it both in summer and winter!


      • Yeah, blackheads can be so infuriating. I heard great things about AHA/BHA exfoliants when it comes to getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads.

        I am going to check out this moisturizer too. So nice to know that it smells good. Yay!


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