Skincare diary

As someone whose body likes to throw tantrums and rebel at the drop of a very sensitive hat, I spend a lot of time taking care of my skin. I think of it as a way of reminding my flesh vessel just who’s really in charge around here – something between a self care ritual and a stern talking-to. Is it weird to refer to my body as a partially discrete entity from “myself”? It feels like I’m treating my own body as a separate object in order to anthropomorphize it – when of course it’s something that is already, naturally, person-shaped.

I’ve amassed an almost embarrassingly large collection of Korean skincare products over the past few years between my sadly too few visits to Korea and my happily more frequent trips to New York. While I had the income to spare, I took voracious advantage of the actual, physical stores one can visit in Manhattan – including the delightfully large Nature Republic store near Union Square and the shop in Ktown that offers a variety of brands’ products.

It takes me a long time to reach the end of a product. I recently finished a bottle of toner I bought almost two years ago, I think, and as much as I’d like to immediately replace it I’ve dozens of those little testers/freebies they stuff into your bag when you buy anything at a Korean roadshop.

In an effort to reorganize my drawer a little bit, tonight I sorted my bag of testers by function so I can try a new thing every night. And naturally, since I am that kind of person who likes recording everything so I can think about it properly, I decided to keep a diary to track my skin condition, what products I’m testing, and what results I get. Practically speaking, I’m hoping this will help me pay better attention to my skincare needs so I can develop the best regimen, and to collect data that will help me figure out which products to buy when I reach the end of my usuals. Unfortunately my cosmetics & skincare collecting hobby has to take a bit of a break since I’m currently looking for a job, but luckily I have so many testers to work through so hopefully I’ll be able to stretch my collection to last me until I have a stable income again!


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